Save Endangered Animals To Save Us All

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Imagine, for just a minute, that humans are a lesser species on this planet, and that another more intelligent species ruled. Now, what if we were endangered? Wouldn't we be desperate for help? What if we were dying by the thousands, and no one helped us? We would be wiped out. Imagine our fate like this. It's a terrible fate, yet we abandon countless species to wither out and die. We need to do our part, not just for them, but for us. Our ecosystems will die, our food sources will rapidly decline, and future generations will never be able to experience the wonder of seeing these unique creatures in person. Countless species are getting wiped out by the minute, and it is our duty to help them.

What did I mean when I said our eco-systems will die? In an ecosystem, every species plays its part, and everything is in harmony. However, once too many parts are removed, the ecosystem will be highly unstable, and might even collapse. If this is confusing, think about it like this; in a game of Jenga, we build out of different pieces. The tower will be our ecosystem, and the parts are the species that call the ecosystem home. As each piece is removed, the tower gets very wobbly and unbalanced. Once too many pieces are removed, the tower falls apart. In an ecosystem, take out too many species, and all in the ecosystem will suffer, including us. Moving back a bit, to the point where I said our food sources will rapidly decline. In Africa, when the big cats are gone, who would stop the gazelles and antelopes from eating the farmer's precious crops? In Asia, how would the mountain people eat if there is nothing to hunt? In the Amazon rainforest, how would the tribes live in the rainforest, if its species disappeared? My point is, everything is connected, from the smallest ant to the huge lions. If one is taken away, all the others might be taken away, too.

Remember the joy of seeing new, exotic animals at the zoo? Imagine paying to go to the zoo, and going there, but finding all the pens empty. While this may seem unrealistic, it's what's going to happen in a couple hundred years. If you don't believe me, think about the Passenger Pigeon. In the 1850’s, flocks made out of millions of these birds were everywhere. When a flock passed, it sounded like thunder, and often took hours to pass, were often 1-1.5 miles in length. However, these pigeons soon became endangered. Why? Because they were hunted so much, and they continued to be hunted until they went extinct. This is the fate of many animals around the world.

I understand that there are reasons to kill, and want to kill animals. And while some are necessary, we can and should try to limit them. Some people might say that animal furs and pelts are soft and comfortable, as well as stylish. Some might say that the flavours of some meats are exotic, or the texture is nice. People might say, I like my jewelry, I like my stuff. But the truth is, we should never kill for these reasons. We can make fake pelts, only eat livestock, and find different gems.

Please, save endangered animals. sign this petition, and stop supporting poachers. Without endangered animals, our ecosystems will die, our food sources rapidly decline, and future generations will never experience the joy of seeing these unique creatures for themselves.


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