Revoke Sask Alley Cats' Charitable Status due to Animal Neglect

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We are petitioning the CRA and Government of Saskatchewan to REVOKE Sask Alley Cats' Association Charitable Status to ensure that registered rescue charities in Canada remain reputable ones that meet the minimum standards of care. 

On the morning of January 9, 2019, Animal Protection Services executed the seizure of 106 cats, two dogs, and one turtle who were deemed to be in distress from the home of Sask Alley Cats' Association (SACA) founder and coordinator in Elrose, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

This is the second seizure of distressed animals in the 500 sq. ft. personal dwelling being referred to as the "overflow facility for the rescue."  In 2011, Saskatchewan SPCA seized more than 60 cats, 7 turtles, a dog, and an iguana who were in distress from negligent circumstances in the home. At that time a $250 fine and a 2-year inspection period to ensure standards of care were being met was imposed.  The picture above and in my profile picture are from this previous seizure where fewer animals were in distress (link to the online slides below) - the pending investigation will reveal how bad the situation was this time. 

The $250 fine is extremely minimal given the over $42,000 in revenue received and reported in the publicly available 2017 report on earnings (link below). Despite their charitable status, only $8,000 in donation receipts were issued which is less than 20% of total revenue.  The ability of SACA to call their activities 'charitable' is interpreted as a sign of reputability and leads people to believe that it  is supported by the Federal and Provincial Governments, and thus must be doing good work.  We object to animal hoarding and inappropriate care, up to and including not providing minimal standards of care to injured and ill animals and feel that SACAs registered charity status should be rescinded immediately.  

Meeting the minimum standards of care should be a minimum requirement to maintain one's charitable status.  If over $42,000 of donations are being received yet minimum care standards cannot be met for over 106 animals, dollars may be inappropriately spent, or may be misdirected away from animal care - Donation Dollars Should Go Towards Animal Care! Let the court handle her penalty, but the CRA and the Government of Saskatchewan should not allow SACA to operate as a reputable charity any longer.  The animals shouldn't have to wait for a third strike before people more appropriately step in.

2011 Seizure Pictures (Slide 26 on):

2017 CRA Report On SACAs Donations:

News Coverage Leading Up To and Including  Previous (2011) Seizure: