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Canada Post - Stop Singling Out Canadian Cities With The $5.00 "Service Area Adjustment"

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Canada Post has quietly announced that a $5.00 surcharge (in addition to normal shipping charges) will be placed on any parcel being delivered to Fort McMurray.

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It is simply un-Canadian to charge the family's of people living in Fort McMurray, an additional $5.00 for any parcel they ship to their loved ones. Fort McMurray was built, maintained and is run by people from all over North America. People leave their families and move there because that is where the work is. Canada Post's singling out of those groups and putting a surcharge on parcels mailed to them is corporate greed at it's finest.

This is only the begining. Canada Post has identified Fort McMurray as an example city for the surcharge. You can bet that this cash grab method will be implemented in cities across our nation.

Canada Post would have you believe the surcharge is due to the cost of doing business in Fort McMurray, such as delivery services and hourly wages. However, having differing costs in cities across the country has been part of Canada Post's business model since it's inception in 1867. That business model already includes a system whereby shipping costs correlate directly with destination, and those costs are already very high compared to our southern neighbors. If there is no surcharge to ship a parcel from Vancouver to St. John's, why should there be one to ship from Edmonton to Fort McMurray. This is a cash grab by Canada Post and nothing more.

Please support the families of those driving our nation's economy working in Fort McMurray and send a clear message to Canada Post. We will not stand by as cities are singled out and squeezed as means to fund a poorly managed postal service.

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