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Stop Infiltrating our Homes with HATE

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Canada Post

This is a formal Petition asking for you to discontinue delivering the hate-speech paper Your Ward News to the general population. 

Every month this paper is delivered to thousands of homes.  Every month this paper uses name-calling and false allegations as a way to bully people.  Every month this paper calls women sluts, whores, she-hags, bitches, cock-teasers, and femi-Marxists.  Dr. James Sears who runs the paper, regularly degrades women of various ethnicities (Asian, Jewish), by commenting on their sexuality (saying that “Jewesses” are frigid, but good at giving head).  He regularly posts photos of women in sexually degrading photo-shopped images. Images that should not be slipped into our mailboxes. 

These pages are filled with profanity, and slanderous comments about politicians and regular civilians.  These pages are filled with lies.  Lies about women, lies about feminists, lies about religions and races, lies about immigrants, lies about homosexuals, and lies about men who don’t believe that women should be submissive.  This paper spreads false allegations against female nurses, and false allegations against organizations that work to help women and children who are victims of violence.  Those who speak up against James Sears end up as targets in his paper, and are subjected to name-calling, personal insults and sexually degrading remarks and/or photo-shopped images. 

This paper is offensive and dangerous, and we should not be subjected to this trash invading our homes.   James Sears values “Freedom of Speech” above all, (above integrity, above humanity, above decency) and we wouldn’t dream of denying him this ‘right’, so we are simply asking Canada Post to discontinue delivering this paper, to those who don’t subscribe.   This “newspaper” offers no factual information, or constructive input.  It exists solely as a platform for those who wish to spread hate and misinformation.  Your Ward News is not a “newspaper”, it is propaganda that is meant to insult, and degrade those who are different than its editor James Sears.  Which is why we are asking that this paper not be delivered to unsubscribed homes.  

Those who subscribe to Sears’ distorted and harmful way of thinking should simply subscribe to his paper.  While this hate-speech paper should be shut down entirely, we will settle (for now), with Canada Post agreeing to discontinue delivering Your Ward News to non-subscribers.


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