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For most of us, our dogs are our children and we want a safe place for them to play with their friends. Nothing makes our dogs more excited than  a trip to the park to see their friends and currently our neighbourhood of Rhodes and Liberty Grove has no safe and secure place for the hundreds of dogs to play and mingle. 

We the undersigned support the establishment of an off leash dog park/open space in Rhodes. There are many pet friendly apartment blocks in Rhodes and increasing numbers of residents with dogs. There is a desperate need for an off leash park/unrestricted and safe open space to allow dogs to exercise and socialise. These parks/spaces provide an extraordinary opportunity equally importantly to allow residents to socialise and build friendships and are real community hubs.

Our neighbourhoods’ popularity is inevitably increasing, and it is largely due to the stunning waterfront view, scenic walking trails and amazing cafes. However, this popularity also attracts concerns due to a large volume of cyclists and families wishing to explore the area, creating a crowded pedestrian walkway and increased danger to both dogs and people. I understand that dogs are to be leashed but I wish to also note that most of these dogs live in apartment dwellings which limit exercise and socialising opportunities. A large majority of apartments in Rhodes are pet friendly but there is a lack of unrestricted, safe and open spaces for dogs and owners. There is an abundance of promoted doggy poop bag bins and we recently had a very successful ‘Doggys Day Out’ event in April. However, there is still no legal designated off leash dog park even though the community has proven to have a common love and interest in canine social events and gatherings.

Many dog owners already regularly gather at Rhodes foreshore daily, so our dogs can have an opportunity to socialise and play with other dogs. Our dogs live for these little play dates! Although the majority of the dogs are well behaved, the risks involving curious children, collisions with cyclists and interactions with non-socialised dogs of concern. There have been instances where even the best-behaved dogs wander off to smell food left somewhere and have been accidentally hit by a cyclist or children playing ball. We want to have a safe environment for all families in the community but at times, children do get startled by dogs and scream which can condition dogs to fearing children. We believe a fenced dog area can reduce these concerns and incidents

Currently, the closest fenced dog park is Pierre De Coubertin Park in Newington (Parramatta Council) is not practical for the residents of Rhodes and Liberty Grove who work full time to visit the park before and after work. It requires us to drive in cars which is something we are trying to discourage. With summer around the corner, we believe now is a great time for the Council to reconsider these points and provide an official unrestricted fenced dog park for our community.  Our community will be very much grateful for the opportunity to introduce a dog park into our everyday lives- that’s also lots of wagging tails and tired pooches!

We request the opportunity to address a meeting of council. Your support will be well received by residents in Rhodes and Liberty Grove.