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Campaign to Repeal the Welfare Reform Act

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                     FORGET BENEFIT CUTS – CREATEJOBS!!!

The Welfare Reform Act penalizes, persecutes and punishes the jobless, low-paid and the poor, AND THEIR CHILDREN, and is UNETHICAL, UNFAIR and UNJUST! As such, the Act should never have been brought into being and must be repealed forthwith! Please sign this petition TODAY!!!

The Housing Benefit's new ''spare room subsidy'' or ''under-occupancy penalty'' (aptly dubbed, ''The Bedroom Tax'') is inconsistent,indiscriminate and inequitable because it is NON-MEANS TESTED, IGNORES room sizes and ''suitability-for-purpose'', and fails to take account of REGIONAL VARIATIONS in rent which means that those living in London and the south will LOSE 33%-100% MORE from their benefit than those living in the Midlands and north where rents are 25%-50% LOWER!!!

It is a similar situation with the replacement of CTB with 75% Council Tax Rebates! BUT WHAT IS WORSE, is that this measure is an underhanded and sneaky back-door device to slash the value of Job-Seekers' Allowances, Employment & Support Allowances, Income Support, and Tax Credits!!! The government knew it would be political suicide to reduce these benefits directly, (before replacing them with ''Universal Credit''!), and so it has used Council Tax as the means by which to cut them!

     Making the poor POORER is NOT the way to reduce the welfare budget!!!

Arbitrary benefit cuts are BAD FOR EVERYONE, because they remove MILLIONS of vitally needed CONSUMERS from the economy, and stifle and strangle economic recovery and growth! Instead of plunging society's poorest deeper into destitution, deprivation and despair, we should be developing creative initiatives, measures and strategies that will actually make them LESS DEPENDANT on the Welfare State and benefits!

                                  THERE IS A BETTER WAY!!!

Go to: to read a SUMMARY of - or to open &/or download - my alternative... ''PROPOSAL to RESTRUCTURE, REFORM & RATIONALIZE the TAX & BENEFITS' SYSTEMS''


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