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 Pet owners are being discriminated against by landlords in Alberta by not allowing pets in rental housing. Too many pets end up in shelters, dumped on roadsides or euthanized just because people can't find pet friendly housing. Ontario has a law that helps renters with pets.

Let's change Alberta's Residential Tenancies Act to allow pets in more rental housing. I have copied the Ontario law below.

First, you should know that Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act does not permit landlords to include “no pet” clauses in rental agreements. The only exception is if the property is a condominium and the condominium corporation’s declaration prohibits pets. You should always be aware of whether the “no pets” stipulation is being set by the landlord (which is illegal) or by the condominium corporation (which might be permissible – more on this in a future blog post).

Second, a landlord can refuse to rent to a person who has a pet. It’s unfortunate, but true. The protections provided to pet guardians apply only to tenants. Until a person actually enters into a rental agreement, there is no tenancy; the person and their pets are not protected.

Third, a landlord cannot evict a tenant simply because they were unaware of a pet, or because the pet was adopted after the tenant moved in. A tenant can only be evicted if a pet is making too much noise, damaging the unit, causing an allergic reaction to others, or is considered to be inherently dangerous. Even then, the landlord must apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board for an order terminating the tenancy before kicking people and pets out.

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