Cambridge Car Free Day Petition

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Everyday, people across the country are being poisoned when they go out into our cities and towns - shopping, working, meeting, enjoying themselves. We are breathing in toxic fumes from emissions from cars, buses and other motor vehicles that kill and seriously damage our health.

Studies show that almost 40,000 people die prematurely a year from air pollution in this country. The fumes increase the risks of developing asthma and respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, and are especially harmful to children and the elderly. 

Cambridge can be a beautiful place to live in and enjoy. But the menace of air pollution is unseen. We must find ways of alerting everyone in to the hazards that envelop their lives.

This is why we want to enable people in Cambridge to join Londoners in holding a Car Free Day on Saturday 22 September 2020. It will be a day of community celebrations and street parties. It will be a day when people gather outdoors and breathe fresh air. It will be a day to demonstrate a shared vision of a healthier, cleaner and greener future. 

Other cities around the world, form Jakarta to Bogota to Paris, have a Car Free Day. They have done it successfully, and so can we. The day will be a catalyst for a better urban future for all. This vital opportunity can only happen with your support. Please sign and share our petition and get change on the move!

"We the undersigned ask the Mayor, Mr James Palmer, the Combined Authority and local authorities, to declare a Car Free zone in Cambridge on Saturday 22 September 2020 as a sign of their resolve to eradicate poisonous fumes from our urban areas"