Cambridge Naturals: Stop Selling Mountain Rose Herbs until They Divest from Israel

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We demand Cambridge Naturals stop selling any and all material from Mountain Rose Herbs until MRH divests from Israel and stops purchasing Israeli products! This includes but is not limited to the Dead Sea salts that have been over mined in both Israel and Jordan creating an ecological crisis for the natural habitat of the surrounding region. Please refer to this petition for more information:

Palestinians have asked for the International community to be in solidarity with their livelihood by boycotting and divesting from Israeli products. Enormous amounts of money funneled into Israel are ultimately used for weapons, surveillance, and apartheid measures used against the Palestinian people. Divestment is critical to the survival of Palestinians.  

As herbalists, community leaders, healers, it is our responsibility to be in solidarity with the indigenous people and the land of Palestine. 

Cambridge Naturals, we call on you to be on the right side of history and divest from Mountain Rose Herbs until MRH ceases selling products from Israel.

Otherwise, we will call a boycott on Cambridge Naturals and run a highly visible campaign until this Solidarity Call is met. 

Cambridge Naturals, if you would like to alert us of when you have made this decision, please email us at: