Improving local transport in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

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As a Cambridge citizen, I can no longer witness the terrible service by Stagecoach East. The long delays of some of the main city bus lines are stressing hundreds of people every single day.

The lack of adequate information about the constant delays is also a huge problem.

Everybody in town knows how hard it is to catch your morning bus when using Citi2, although there are similar complaint s for the rest of the buses serving Cambridgeshire area. The constant delays often are happening in the hours when people are usually going to/back from work. 

Take a look at Stage coach's Twitter account and Google Reviews and you will see that this is not one citizen's problem, it is the problem of the whole Cambridgeshire area. 

I urge every citizen, who feels failed by the Stagecoach East services to join me, by signing this petition. This summer (2018) the prices of the tickets were raised - sadly, the quality of the service is only becoming worse.

I think we must all unite to improve the image of our city - Cambridge's famous worldwide, but once you step here, you realize how hard it actually is to go from one place to another, without having to wait and lose precious time at the city's bus stops.

The lack of reliable service is also affecting the most vulnerable social groups - think of all the disabled citizens, people of old age,  mothers with young children, who are forced to wait and be late for social activities, doctor appointment, etc. 

I am addressing my plea to the city's authorities - please take action, investigate the issue and work to improve the situation. Find the real reason behind all those delays. A discussion must start - between the City Council and Stagecoach East's managing team, their drivers and all staff. 

All citizens and guests of the city deserve much better public transport.