End Exploitation Of Cambodia's Macaques On Youtube

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We have been extemely upset to witness videos of Cambodian macaques immorally being treated on YouTube monetized channels, they are relentlessly filming injured macaques and make a spectacle of macaque babies "rescued" by Youtube channels, then are subjected to cruel medical practices, by people who are not licenced to treat primates, kept for care by persons having no experience whatsoever feeding or comforting complex social wildlife, handled cruely without regard to their physical or psychological well being.                         
Daily contact with the cameramen who feed them has encouraged kidnapping and fighting behaviors among the troupe members, obesity and nervousness. There are videos of macaques being treated badly in every way including sexually inappropriate fondling, teasing, stalking, caging, force feeding, and kicking.ect.

We urge you to consider requiring monetized Youtube channels in Cambodia to pay a monthly or annual fee and to sign a contract agreeing to ethical treatment of the macaques they are filming. Non compliance could result in fines and cancellation of the contract.

Besides reducing complaints to the government, wildlife and tourist agencies and improving the conditions for macaques, I hope this income would be of benefit. 

Thank you for your attention to this important matter. Justice for Monkey Lori, Amari, Kaya , Kayoy, Amy, Heidi and all the rest who have suffered.  May the rich and diversified wildlife of Cambodia continue to flourish.

Sincerely,. Online Macaque Chat