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Call To Action! Healthy Marriage Education Programs For the African American Community

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Marriage is the key to a self sufficient and successful society. As a minority group in the United States, African Americans are often times seen struggling to thrive in areas of education, economics and other societal issues that can all be alleviated with the promotion of marriage within the African American community.

With funding and initiatives targeted to African Americans that provide them with skills and tools to embark on healthy relationships that result in lifelong committed marriages we will begin to see great benefits to the society as a whole.  By increasing marriage in the African American community, the children of these marriages will more likely attend college, less likely to be raised in poverty and less likely to become a teen parent. For men and women involved in marriage, they are less likely to suffer from drug or alcohol abuse, they are physically healthier, and have higher wealth. Also, African American men in marriages are less likely to commit violent crimes. In communities that have a higher percentage of married couples there are lower domestic violence rates, lower rates of juvenile delinquency, higher rates of home ownership and a decreased need or reliance on social services.

The awareness of the benefits of healthy marriages to African Americans through educational programs and initiatives is imperative.

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