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Call on Niagara District School Board to provide vegetarian lunch options for kids.

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Before you begin to read this, understand this is NOT a petition asking people to support a total ban of serving meat in Niagara Public Schools. This is to bring attention to an issue that has been ignored by many schools in the area for too long; the absence of vegetarian options for lunch. Whether you eat meat or not, you can still support this movement.

There NEEDS to be a vegetarian option for children at schools. Parents should not have to call the school board, or feel like they are "causing a riot" because they are fighting for their children to feel included and respected.

I understand that parents are able to pack their vegetarian children lunches from home on "special lunch" days, however, children still feel left out when they see their classmates getting fresh lunches. Offering an alternative is very simple. It is as easy as putting a cheese only option on a pizza form, or offering a veggie sub on sub day. There is nothing radical about changing these old policies.

This began by me finding out that my children's new school only offers pepperoni pizza for lunch with no "cheese only" option. I was startled to see that in 2018 many schools have not offered a simple alternative which would include all children, regardless of personal or religious beliefs. The principal of my children's school did say they will order separate pizza for my kids, but only my kids. The form itself will not change for other parents to choose a vegetarian option, which I find unfair. 

It is good the principal is making an effort to help children feel included on special lunch days, but the option should be available from the start, not just for my children because I called for action.

Please sign this and support this cause, every signature counts.

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