Call for the Resignation of President Walker

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My name is Jillian Melchitzky and I am currently a music education major at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. I am also the current drum major of the university's marching band. I am calling for the immediate resignation or removal of our university's president, Dr. Fred Walker. Dr. Walker has proven time and time again that he is unfit to lead our university. The latest article from the Chronicle of Higher Education has proven that he is not only incredibly unprofessional, but also untrustworthy in the eyes of the student body, the professors, and the community.

I am one of the many students whose program was cut in the fall of 2017. President Walker has claimed to be transparent in this process, but has shown unfair bias when cutting certain programs. An unnamed but credible source has stated hearing him question why painting professors make as much as math professors. He openly admitted to the Chronicle of Higher Education that much of what he has said about the university was said behind closed doors and was not meant to be heard by the public. He has obviously forgotten that this is a university and not a business or the military. He showed remorse only when the article from the Chronicle was released. He has apologized specifically to Dylan Hollingsworth for his untrue and hateful comments on a tragedy which affected not only him, but the entire music department.

This petition was created to support a number of people. Sign to support the university's professors, who were kept in the dark and forced to hide information from their students. Because of President Walker, many professors may now be laid off. Sign to support the current students whose programs were cut. Students in the music department in particular are facing the difficult decision of leaving and facing a great amount of debt at other universities, or staying and not receiving the level of education they deserve. Sign for students who are tired of seeing corrupt presidents run our beloved university. Sign for the alumni who are watching the university they were once proud of fall at the hands of a man who threatened to lay off professors if they didn't "cut the shit." Finally, sign for the young high school students who will be forced to change their career fields because the most affordable university in the area has cut the programs they had planned to join. The only solution is to remove President Walker as the current president of the university. His manipulative and secretive behavior has proven that his title needs to be revoked immediately. We are the fighting Scots, and we deserve better. 

Read the article from the Chronicle of Higher Education here:

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