Justice for our Rocky Girl

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ROCKY our beloved 5 yr. old Female German Shepherd died (had to be put to sleep) on June 8 2019 at the Bakersfield Veterinarian Hospital after being brought back in an emergency condition after 5 days prior receiving surgery @ the same Veterinary Hospital.  Our otherwise happy, healthy girl showed some listlessness/ lack of appetite and we decided on June 3 to have her checked out. Within a short time this vet stated she had done a blood panel and ex-ray only her prognosis was : Euthanize or radical surgery removal of her spleen due to her belief that due to her low blood platelets she probably had bleeding and or tumours on her spleen, which possibly ruptured. She stated Her X-ray didn't show bleeding, and she couldn’t do an Ultrasound because “Rocky was having none of that” ( why not give her a mild sedation then?)  The only choice we were given was Spleen removal. With no real third option or course of treatment offered with euthanizing our dog being NOT ONE OF THEM we had to trust her judgement and let her do this surgery.

After removing her spleen it was found out by Biopsy she did not have tumours or bleeding but more likely Cancer, Leukemia or Lymphoma. What transpired next is devastating. After being sent home she seemed swollen and was experiencing bladder problems ( no control) which we called the hospital to inform with no r sense of concern or instruction to bring her back in immediately. NONE. So Friday the vet calls us to inform us the results from the spleen biopsy showed no cancer and scheduled the re-check for the following Tuesday.

Within a day, that Saturday Rocky displayed signs of distress so we rushed her to ER and it was found that during the spleen surgery her intestine had been cut and she was bleeding which led to massive infection and that she could not be saved and she was put to sleep to stop her suffering. We have now discovered A: there was a course of treatment that could have been offered FIRST and removing the spleen should have ONLY been a last option.

!!! Regardless, if the operation would have been conducted properly she could have lived without a spleen BUT it was botched and the intestine cut which led to leakage &  the downward spiral and infection and ultimately her death.

We SEEK JUSTICE for our baby girl ROCKY~  a full investigation by the California Veterinary Board and the removal of  ( the veterinarian, a co-owner of the hospital's)  license for malpractice.

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