Legally change “California” to “Cauliflowernia”

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Cauliflower is under-appreciated in the world of vegetables. In the plant species Brassica oleracea, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and cabbage continue to steal the attention away from cauliflower. But these beautiful, pale, miniature shrubs have a crisp munch that broccoli could never possess.

Cauliflower and California’s rich history are closely aligned. Gold wasn’t the only treasure discovered in 1848. Our most beloved vegetable was on the shore of the American River as gold was first discovered. When James W. Mashall picked up the first piece of cauliflower, he knew it would become a gold mine. Today, three fourths of commercial cauliflower is grown in the coastal valleys of California.  

Changing the state’s name from California to Cauliflowernia will not only give cauliflower the recognition it deserves, but honor the state in which it was born.

By signing this petition, you are joining us in a step forward to lifting the spirits of these magnificent yet unacknowledged pieces of art. Support change and stay classy, Cauliflowernians.

- Rachel Nicholson and Grace Klas

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