Ask California State Parks to Test Torrey Pine Trees for Aluminum Poisoning

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Ask California State Parks to Test Torrey Pine Trees for Aluminum Poisoning

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Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve near San Diego is a majestic wilderness with scenic sandstone cliffs, views to the ocean, and is home to one of the world’s rarest pine trees, the Torrey Pine.  Hundreds of these trees have died in the past few years.  As I watched them die, I wondered why nobody was testing the soil or analyzing tree samples or doing anything that might help determine the cause.  I wanted to do something but didn’t know what.

We were being told the die-off was due to drought and beetles, but irrigated trees just outside the Reserve were dying too.  So drought couldn’t be the cause of their deaths.  I had a piece of tree bark analyzed and it measured high in aluminum content.  I offered free labor to test samples from throughout the Reserve and it wasn’t accepted.  I had rainwater analyzed and it was high in aluminum.  I tested the fog and it was acidic.  The combination of acid fog and aluminum is toxic to pine trees as described in the detailed video below.  I shared all my lab test results with California State Parks.  

 After 2 years of trying, I was unable to convince them to test these trees.  Please sign this petition.  Testing for aluminum poisoning is a simple and inexpensive request.  Our rare and endangered Torrey Pine Trees are much too important than to let California State Parks avoid this issue.

A one minute video overview is Here.  A detailed analysis is included in this video Here.


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