Repeal California Assembly Bill 1570


Nearly everyone in California is impacted by AB 1570, California's new autograph bill, because it affects everyone with a signed item in their possession, whether it’s a painting passed down through generations, an autographed baseball, or a treasured book obtained at an author’s book signing. Under the new law, when a California consumer sells an autographed item worth $5 or more, the consumer's name and address must be included on a Certificate of Authenticity. This requirement applies to anyone reselling the item as authentic, be it a bookseller, auction house, comic book dealer, antiques dealer, autograph dealer, art dealer, an estate sales company, or even a charity.

AB 1570 is fatally flawed and must be repealed with immediate effect. It is rife with unintended consequences that harm both consumers and small businesses. It has been condemned by newspaper editorial boards and the American Civil Liberties Union.

“This bill never should have passed. The Legislature must fix or repeal it immediately when it resumes business.” – Los Angeles Times Editorial Board

Michael Risher, a lawyer with the ACLU of Northern California, told the New York Times “The law is an invasion into privacy and should be amended.”

Join consumers, booksellers, auction houses, comic book dealers, art dealers, autograph dealers, authors, artists, and fundraisers and other charitable organizations and demand the California State Legislature repeal AB 1570.

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