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CA statewide funding for free spay and neuter. Help us move to mandatory spay and neuter!

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The faces of the dogs in the banner above are not just any random faces. The represent only a small fraction of the dogs euthanized in the last few months by the city of San Bernardino, CA. 

I am part of the hundreds, if not thousands of people here in California that work with private rescues and public shelters to help reduce the population of dogs and cats that are euthanized every year. 

But even with the hundreds of companion animals our groups save every year, we are no match for the unrelenting stream of new dogs and cats born every year. Lower income areas tend to be the most affected and this makes sense as education around spay and neuter and the cost of the procedures are the largest barriers to these groups. 

Many animal advocacy groups have difficulty supporting mandatory spay and neuter because some families have a hard time with the cost involved. Even now, many animals who are picked up as stray are spayed and neutered by local shelters, but end up abandoned at the shelters when their families are faced with a fee to retrieve their animal, a fee that largely stems from the cost of spay/neuter. 

But we have an opportunity here to reduce the overall cost to shelters in impounding and caring for animals, by paying for publicly funded spay and neuter. The average cost of spay or neuter is under $100. By paying this up front, we save taxpayer dollars in housing future generations of animals, paying for increased shelter staffing, and for the treatment of animal illness that comes out of over-crowded shelters. 

With this initiative our final goal would be a plan to enact a statewide mandatory spay and neuter, with obvious except to those who are licensed or have medical waivers.

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