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Bad Judges - No More Moral Immunity

Jane and John Q. Public
Los Gatos, CA

Apr 6, 2016 — Family court victims all over California have banned together to expose how judicial bias and corruption that violates public trust is imposed. The formula of a bad judge is :

1. A Bad Judge is influenced by a dirty lawyer, custody evaluator , vocational or CPA expert who are given immunity for their fraud and perjury, a bad judge tolerates such conduct.

2. A Bad Judge openly abuses their discretion, it is not appealable.

3. A Bad Judge refuses to submit evidence in the record, it can't be appealed.

4. A Bad Judge is willing to violate the law, most people can not afford the appeal , and the appeals courts ignore 99% of appeals of pro per , or self- represented litigants.

5. A Bad Judge openly beats up on , rapes and ignores self- represented litigants, hiding behind poorly written orders and their judicial immunity .

6. A Bad Judge says they consider the " best interest of children" , but never shows signs of actually doing so.

7. A Bad Judge inflates costs to financially silence the poor, uneducated and most voiceless in our community .

8. Bad Judges give kickbacks to their friends, or family members, in the form of lawyer fees or assignments as custody experts, CPAs , and vocational examiners then accept anything they say in paid testimony, because they can .

9. A Bad Judge hides behind judicial immunity .

10. Bad Judges ignore child abuse and financial crimes in divorce cases, that would not be tolerated anywhere else in our legal system.

This spring victims of injustice in family court are silent no more. They are speaking out, and publishing names of #badjudges, #dirtylawyers and holding all accountable for the moral impact of their conduct. The group stands for no judicial #moralimmunity and will hold Bad Judges accountable.

Bad Judge names will be published, more complaints will be filed and these stories will be told, so the moral impact of bad judges is revealed.

In California , family law litigants have had enough and are encouraging everyone to file complaints against bad judges and lawyers. Grassroots groups and organizations plan to flood the agencies monitoring these crooks to show the real harm imposed on our citizens. Judges may have judicial immunity, but do not have moral immunity and it is time the pubic hold bad judges responsible, since the state of California has not.

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