Clean up ALL of Prosperity Cleaners Toxic Waste Now.

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Toxic contamination from Prosperity Dry Cleaners Toxic Waste is imperiling hundreds of people, soil and groundwater.   In February 2014, the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) ordered the discharger to clean up to toxic hotspots of soil contamination and address the toxic soil vapor.  Only a partial cleanup has been completed BUT NO PARTIAL CLOSURES should be allowed until the site is fully cleaned up and safe for human habitation.  

A major toxic waste hotspot is suspected to exist on property owned by Caltrans.  It is downslope from the location where PCE dry cleaning fluid waste was regularly dumped. Only a chainlink fence divides the properties.

Groundwater and soil vapor testing has shown moderate improvement since work begun but the groundwater and soil vapor plume has not been fully defined.  The "Caltrans Hotspot" should be tested and remediated to make certain that all of the source contamination is addressed.

ACTIVE soil vapor extraction should instituted immediately while the soil and groundwater is being treated.  This will protect further harm to the 500 residents of CASA Marinwood. Marinwood Plaza is planned for low income housing in the future.  Environmental justice demands these future residents live in housing that is safe from toxic waste contamination.

Until  ALL SOURCE CONTAMINATION is removed on Caltrans land and Marinwood Plaza,  we remain in danger. The toxic soil will pollute groundwater and create toxic soil vapor imperiling pregnant women, children and the immune compromised.

We urge you to REJECT the partial closure of the Prosperity Cleaners which will allow the toxic waste to threaten us for decades.