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Teofils Branks, the man in the photo above, says he was part of a trafficking ring that was supposedly supplying Donald Banks, the wealthy founder of MagicJack, with underage boys in a sex trafficking ring. 

All of this false "propaganda" on TV through shows like "8 Minutes" on A&E and "Gigolo's" (two shows both produced by Tom Forman of Relativity Media who also produces "Catfish"), which misleads people into not realizing that sex traffickers have increasingly turned to male victims because it not only flies "under the radar" of most groups' and their outreach - but also the victims are usually easier to blackmail when they've been seeing male prostitutes. 

When caught with a female prostitute like Eliot Spitzer - he gets a pat on the back "wink wink nudge nudge" and then his own show on Fox.  But when caught with men - well that's something that even Donald Banks tried to keep out of the press even when filing the criminal complaint against his blackmailer.  If not for the "Smoking Gun" we might not even know who he was.

By getting people to think they know what "sex trafficking" is with these completely staged shows falsely labeled as "reality TV", and getting these lawsuits and Bills going against Backpage - they win.  Many of the real traffickers either are or employ cops to try and do that - chase out competitors or get them to join using law enforcement such as we saw with the Chris Butler case.  So I'm just as curious about the cop that arrested Teofil as I am in Teofil. 

The cop could be a fantastic cop.  Maybe Teofil was set up to be the fall guy for the trafficking ring.  Real traffickers have very talented hackers these days.  They're also very good at "catfishing".  Two skills that could easily have taken  Donald Burns phone to make it appear that Teofil sent that blackmail request.  I mean who sends a blackmail request by text messages?  Do you know how easy that is to fake some sending a text message from someone's phone?  They might have done this without Teofil even knowing - and then just just sent him to meet someone who turned out to be Donald.  Then again we don't even know if a text was sent - and I haven't heard who the gun in the trunk is registered to.  I know that Google phones has the ability to send a text from any phone number you want to create.  I've seen it done.  So the phone records themselves need to be checked to see if the text really came from Teofil's phone.

So in this Teofil case - I haven't seen the phone records showing the blackmail text came from his phone.  Nor have I heard anything about whose gun it was in the trunk.  It could have been a "plant".  Pasadena Police have bragged that they can "frame someone for murder" if they wanted to.

I've got a victim of trafficking I'm trying to help right now who has two false police arrests showing up on her criminal record.  When we had an attorney demand the booking video  - he got threatened.  So a lot of things are possible in this case to be investigated because maybe Teofil is being framed.

I want to demand law enforcement do a proper investigation into whether or not a sex trafficking ring exists, if they are using young men, if Donald saw any of these young men, and into Teofil's possible status as a trafficking victim himself.  I'd also like them to investigate whether or not Teofil was completely "set up".  We do not know if he was forced to see Donald by them, nor if he was being used as a scapegoat for them to have been the ones blackmailing Donald. 

Sign this petition so that a proper investigation is done to see if there are any young men being trafficked in this ring - and that Teofil gets a proper investigation in case he's just being set up. 

If you have any questions - you can reach me at

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