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Do not force autonomous cars to have a licensed human driver aboard.

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The California DMV is proposing that self driving cars would require a steering wheel and pedals and a human driver with an "autonomous vehicle operator certificate" to take control of the car if necessary.

We need to stop this from happening.

First off, if the proposed act gets voided, this will be convenient for parents with kids without a drivers license or a car (such as most high school kids and college freshman and some sophmores). 

Second, this will be in Google's favor of not having a bulky steering wheel in their autonomous cars, and there will be more room in the car.

Third, a self driving car will not be able to get to it's request without a valid driver. The requester will have to manually pick up the car.

Finally, if the act does get approved, we will need a valid drivers licence when going on board a self driving car. What if you're license expired and you needed to get to the DMV to get a new one. What if you forgot your license somewhere.

For those concerned about safety - a driverless car is safer then a human driver, it's even safer then having a backup human driver required for humans driving.

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