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Save the Pad!

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"This basketball thing is kind of a nuisance out here," -Terry Woelfel, Calhoun County Commissioner.  "That's not what these grounds are for...," - Doug Wilschetz.  REALLY?!?!  What's a nuisance is living in a county with very little for kids to do to occupy their time and get them outside, moving and not doing anything to hurt anyone!!!  What's a nuisance is people who don't understand that this pad is more than just a pad to these kids.  And if these grounds aren't for our county, the people that live in it, pay taxes in it, raise kids in it, then what are they for?  Don't you represent us?  Have you forgotten that you are supposed to be OUR voice?  I for one would like to think that parking a few extra feet away would be far less of a nuisance than taking away a place for these kids to play! 

FOOD FOR THOUGHT:  Why don't we take the money that you're suggesting that we use to tear up the pad and instead build a fence to protect the parking area from the occasional stray ball?

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