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Legislative Assembly of Alberta: Increase AISH income to match minimum wage

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The Alberta Government is currently working on improving the Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (“AISH”) program. The Human Services Minister, Irfan Sabir quotes as claiming that this transformation and the provisions added “will make sure the program remains responsive to the needs of Albertans”, that his government wants feedback from AISH recipients “to ensure the program remains current and relevant”. As AISH recipients we would like to make the government aware that we find the income support we receive to be insufficient in meeting our needs as single people and families.

With costs of rent and living expenses we have experienced the struggle of maintaining a stable budget. We often have to choose between paying utilities or buying groceries monthly which creates a cycle of getting or staying in debt with little hope of financial stability.  How can we save for anything if living in debt?

 Currently a single person on AISH receives about $1,588 and families will receive only $100 extra per child.

As AISH recipients we ask the Assembly to urge the government to increase AISH income to match minimum wage, and increase it in conjunction with each increase to minimum wage.

We rely on this support to be our income replacement because we have limited ability to work.

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