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Stop Cadbury using Child Labour

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Cadbury is one of the biggest chocolate industries in the world. It operates in over 50 countries worldwide. In comparison, that's a quarter of the world consuming this brand. However, there is a dark side to Cadbury that not all consumers expect.

Cadbury receives their productive cocoa beans for Ghana in West Africa, a country where child labour is common. Harvesting these beans are labour-intensive, and children from the ages from 10-16 are harvesting these beans for long hours every day with poor working conditions and lack of pay. However, Cadbury does admit to harvesting cocoa beans is labour intensive, they quote, "On West-African small holdings, with the whole family including neighbors and friends to help out."

Child labour is not the only problem that Cadbury is causing at the moment. With the company growing rapidly, the demand for cocoa beans is growing higher. The answer that Cadbury comes up with is deforestation. Cutting down trees from forests to replace them with the cocoa plants for maximum income.

Palm oil is also a vital ingredient used in chocolate, and that is found in the habitat of the orangutans. Cutting down palm trees and destroying the habitats of orangutans and other species of tigers, rhinos and elephants is the way we get easy access to chocolate.

You can change this! Don't buy chocolate that uses child labour. Discovering chocolate without it can be very simple and it can be just as easy as googling it. We may not be able to fix the problem, but if we all do it together, we can stop one of the causes for deforestation and we can change the lives of so many people and animals!

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