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Urgent Review to the Law and level of Sentencing for the crime of and sexual abuse.

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JUSTICE FOR BLAZE - There is no public body within government with responsibility for the enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act of 2006. Despite the Act’s revision, after 94 years, animal cruelty prosecutions such as those pursued by the RSPCA, are carried out privately, footing its legal costs out of much needed Charity funds. The SSPCA, a separate organisation, does not take out private prosecutions, but both approved their respective AW Acts! This is one legacy of both Acts that again highlights the need for reclassification and I would plead to ANYONE who has access to the Internet to lobby for a change  in the Criminal Justice System with regard to the current level of sentencing for acts of mutilation and sexual abuse to animals - across Scotland, England and Wales!

Blaze was stabbed twice in the chest and sexually abused before being found and put to sleep due to the resulting severe suffering and level of injuries. Soon after this, the heartbreaking story of Angus, a four month old foal, set alight and eventually dying as a result of his injuries, was also reported. The devastating trauma and permanent scars caused to the owners and to those who learn of such heinous crimes should and must be taken into account by Judges!! Animal Rights may never be put on a par with Human Rights, but the resulting pain and loss suffered from this level of cruelty remains very HUMAN and should be measured on that fact at the very least. The Law needs to be changed!!

The likelihood of the perpetrators being brought to any form of justice is not only slim due to the nature of the crime and the relevance to police time and resources, but will likely bring about a sentence of a fine and maximum term of 51 weeks imprisonment and a lifetime ban. Due to the nature of this type of offence, the latter also is an obvious example of how the intricacies of the Law can result in irrelevant deterrents. The sentence can be reduced by up to a quarter if the accused pleads guilty. If a jury isn't present then sentencing is likely to be even less. 

Review is required for the enforcing of heavier sentences given out, not fines, which are an ineffectual deterrent and often go unpaid. The Animal Welfare Act* requires further amendment. The 'verbal'  recognition by the UK Government that animals are 'sentient beings', able to perceive feelings, is not enough. New Zealand and France have not only recognised this but have made Legislative changes.

If we are involved in a car accident our pain and suffering is taken into account, because we are 'sentient beings'.

Help to obtain Justice for Blaze - raise awareness and apply pressure to those who can amend the Law and bring about heavier sentencing and a greater proactive awareness within the Judicial System in addressing the causes of such offending. Give Blaze the potential to become 'The Horse of Reform', and become a voice for Angus and all animals.  AND PLEASE ADD YOUR SIGNATURE.

(The Animal Welfare Act* within this Introductory Statement refers to: The Animal Health and Welfare (Scotland) Act 2006; The Animal Welfare Act (England and Wales) 2007)

You can also Lobby your MP or MSP and write directly to: HOLYROOD Cabinet Secretary for Justice Michael Matheson MSP;Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs, Food and Environment Richard Lochhead MSP;Cross Party Group on Animal Welfare, Convener, Christine Grahame MSP;Scottish Animal Health and Strategy Advisory Group, Scottish Government -WESTMINSTER:Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice Rt Hon Michael Gove MP;Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP;Chair and Registered Contact - All Party Parliamentary Group for the Horse Caroline Nokes MP

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