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European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy -
We want our innocent,voiceless animals to stop suffering needlessly at the hands of these people.
Without this law, convicted animal abusers can obtain animals through legitimate channels and continue to abuse them.
An Animal Abuse Registry Law would post the name, address, and photo of anyone convicted of animal abuse to an online registry.
Pet sellers, shelters and animal breeders would have to check the registry before allowing anyone to have an animal. It would be a crime to turn an animal over to anyone on the registry.
This registry would help identify people with a history of animal abuse, as well as serve as an early warning for future crimes, since people guilty of violent crimes often have a history of animal abuse.
Violence is more prevalent in our society and we need to take a stand to stop it from continuing.
European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy ¨CYou need to Protect our Animals, please don't Protect their convicted animal abusers!
Tell VURS (Veterinary Administration of the Republic of Slovenia ) and The Secretariat-General of the Government RS, it is time for an on line animal abuse registry in Slovenia.
Please be the voice for these innocent victims and our future.

Thank you for your time regarding these very important issues.

Best regards,

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