Stop the Refugee programs in Idaho

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Stop the Refugee programs in Idaho

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C. L. "Butch" Otter

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Started by Tyrell Goff

Refugees pose a huge threat to our country, we are opening our doors to terrorism and communicable diseases. They are not being properly vetted, Syria is a failed state so there are no systems, no databases, no files to search for information on theses people. So we have to rely on the United Nations to tell us these people are ok. Help stop this program. If this reverse colonization of our country continues, there won't be a future for American Families. 

Please contact elected officials and tell them how you feel.

C.L. "Butch" Otter   208-334-2100 

State Capitol

P.O Box 83720

Boise ID 83720 

Lieutenant Governor Brad Little 208-334-2200

State Capitol Building 

Boise Idaho 83720

Senator James E. Risch 208-342-7985

350 N 9th St, Suite 302

Boise Id 83702

Senator Mike Crapo 208-334-1776

251 East Front Street

Suit 205

Boise ID 83702



Petition Closed

This petition had 534 supporters

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