Be Part of An Effective and Achievable Solution to Plastic-Based Cigarette Butt Pollution.

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Here's what's happening:  State Assembly Representative Mark Stone recently proposed a bill that seeks to diminish the number of toxic cigarette butts which end up on California waterways, coastlines, and oceans.

I want you to join me to support his courageous efforts to help the environment and protect our fellow humans from our self-made pollution!

 I was a smoker for 11 years of my life. I quit about 2 years ago, but I understand what it's like.

I really want legislators and non-smokers to work with people who either emotionally or financially depend on cigarettes so we can all be part of the solutions to these pollutants.

I have compassion for all parties involved from the cigarette companies, their employees, to smokers, to the purity of drinking water, to birds, fish, and other water using animals as well.

Cigarette filters made of cellulose acetate in magnify the most toxins in the environment because of the plastic's ability to absorb toxins from water, and its ability to then toxify fish, birds, and sea mammals.

Plastic-based cigarette butts are also more toxic for the smokers themselves: carcinogens are contained in the fibrous plastic of the butts and can be released into the smoker while inhaling.

Cigarette butts are the number one type of garbage found in our waterways, oceans, sewer drains and beaches. They are damaging the environment and many kinds of animals along with it. We need to stop this.

Mark Stone's bill seeks to do this by banning all single-filters. In a well-articulated interview with NPR, Stone deacribed having a hard time convincing even highly educated people of the fact that cigarette filters of any kind do not make smoking safer.

Sign this petition to irge Mark Stone to pass a bill banning all single-use filters which are not biodegradable.

This was not an allowance he originally had in AB 48, but it is necessary to create some definitive amount of progress.

At this point he and his environmental goal are better served by this new approach which is non-alienating, effective, and much more possible.

There is a company based out of San Diego that makes He could advocate them to increase this bill's popularity and increase State revenue.

What I think is important is compassion and understanding. Smokers don't like it when the leaves go in their mouths on the inhale. It ruins much of the soothing, though toxic, feeling from the activity of smoking.

Just as Mark Stone admitted to knowing on NPR the fact that many smokers flick away most of their butts, he should concede this fact as well. Smokers want filters.

We can greatly cut down on the toxins in butts by eliminating the use of all styrene monomer based substances that are fibrous cellulose acetate filters and other plastic based non-natural filters.

If reducing plastic in the water is your goal, and you believe that Mark Stone should amend his bill to permit biodegradable filters Sign This Petition!