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Buy Local Food and Save Environment

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It is our right and duty to make sure our food is safe and healthy. Small farms are part of the solution to healthy and safe products. Small farms grow healthy food to feed us. Simple-we need honest food grown by honest people-people who care about what goes into the ground-and what grows out of it. Lets support honest food for everyone. Most produce in the US is picked 4 to 7 days before being placed on supermarket shelves, and is shipped for an average of 1500 miles before being sold. Cheap energy is destroying our soil and water, weakening our communities and also threatening our food system security. We have no idea about how our food is being treated coming from Mexico, China, Japan etc. We have no idea whether our food is even environmental friendly or not. We can start now by buying locally grown food whenever possible. By doing so you'll be helping preserve the environment, and you'll be strengthening your community by investing your food dollar close to home. Only 18 cents of every dollar, when buying at a large supermarket, go to the grower. 82 cents go to various unnecessary middlemen. Cut them out of the picture and buy your food directly from your local farmer. 

Local food production-distribution networks often start on smaller, sustainable family farms. Farm products are transported over shorter geographic distances, generally processed either on the farm itself, or with smaller processors. Sustainable/local food distribution networks rely on two primary markets: the direct-to-consumer market and the direct-to-retail. Sustainability includes buying local food, but buying local does not necessarily mean that it has been produced without the use of chemical fertilizers, hormones, pesticides, and factory farming. You can see that it’s important to confirm that the local foods you purchase are produced by gardeners and farmers using sustainable agriculture sign.

Please sign my petition today to make a change and provide better healthy mind to our future generation. 

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