Preserve the Old Interurban Forest in Burnaby, BC

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The Old Interurban Forest Preservation Society lobbies preservation status for one of the largest forests in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. This area is located south of the Trans-Canada Highway in Burnaby, and is well known to the nearby residents.

Under a 1984 Burnaby Community Plan, the eventual aim is to fill the area described in the attachment with 500 units of cluster housing, and some typical residential development. The Society believes that this is not the highest and best use of this presently quite unspoiled tract of second growth forest: preserving it as a recreational and nature resource for the tens of thousands of people living in adjacent neighbourhoods in Burnaby and New Westminster makes more sense. The Old Interurban Forest Preservation Society believes that the 1984 Plan should be replaced by a much more environmentally oriented one which sets aside the entire area, with its heritage, recreational and natural value, as a park – preserved and protected for all time.

We, the undersigned, agree with and support the sentiments expressed in the above paragraph and call upon Burnaby City Council to officially designate the area as a park/protected/no development zone.

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