Decision Maker Response

Burger King UK’s response

Sep 19, 2019 — Dear supporters of this petition,

When we at Burger King® UK heard about this campaign, we were inspired and impressed by how many members of the public got involved - it has really opened our eyes to how much people like you and your supporters care about what is happening to the environment, and the way in which brands like us play a role in that.

As a business, we have been on a journey for some time to find more sustainable solutions for our kids’ meal toys as part of a wider initiative to reduce our impact on the environment. This petition, however, has helped shine a spotlight on how important this cause is and raised further awareness of this issue.

From today, as part of our Meltdown, all plastic toys have been removed from Burger King® UK’s King Junior Meal and plastic toy amnesty bins have been installed in every restaurant across the UK. People are invited to drop off their giveaway or free meal plastic toys to give them a new lease of life so they can be transformed into future interactive play opportunities for families at Burger King® restaurants across the UK.

This isn't the start of the journey for us, but it's a big part of it and we are delighted to be able to share the news with you.

Kind Regards,

Burger King UK