Care for Cartimar Critters

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Pets are subjects of wonder and joy, especially for many children. Adorable puppies and exotic fishes are sure to catch the fancy of people of all ages. Unfortunately, many tend to forget that these are living, breathing, sentient creatures. These animals have lives and feelings that often go ignored by those that see them as mere objects and playthings. Cartimar is one such establishment that neglect the feelings of animals.

Many hapless pets are being forced to live in cramped and filthy living spaces as they await anyone to rescue them. Some do not even live to see that day. As a distributor of live animals, Cartimar should show more responsibility and empathy for the wellbeing of their charges. We implore authorities like the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) and animal rights advocates like the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) to take action and put a stop to these injustices towards our fellow creations of God.

There should be stricter enforcement of policies regarding pet shops. It is illegal to mistreat and neglect animals and there should be a revocation of business license if they do not comply with these policies.

Credits to Gregg Yan for the photo