Amendment to the use of Fireworks in the United States

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We had our dog, Raffles, out on his evening walk last night. We were out longer than we thought we would be, because someone in our neighborhood decided to put on what can only be described as a professional fireworks show. Raffles went ballistic, so we walked him around the edge of our neighborhood for awhile, waiting for the display to cease. We could have gotten him through a few bottle rockets here and there, but not booms and huge fireworks seen only at professional shows. And, they went on and on for 45 minutes. All the while, we were out in the heat and humidity, with an ill husband, too, trying to make it home with a dog that is hyperventilating, snarling, pulling the leash, and completely out of control (no, thunder jackets don't work for him). My question: there are fireworks being used in the UK and other places that don't have sound, correct? For the sake of our Vets and our Pets, I propose that all fireworks be made and displayed with no sound. If someone wants sound to accompany his or her display, hire an orchestra, secure a band, pop in a CD or hum! And, for the love of all that is holy, do NOT start your displays a week before the 4th of July and carry over to the week after. The displays should ONLY be celebrated on the 4th of July or within a reasonable; ie, one day before or one day after, time. Again, for the sake of our Vets and our Pets, let us change to silent fireworks and put restrictions on the number of days they can be used.  Thank you.