Petition update

Good News #2

Tia D'Amico

Feb 5, 2016 — We'd like to formally thank our school, Bundoora, for being so supportive and inclusive towards the LGBT youth who attend, and this event is no exception. We'd like to clear the air and say that this petition was simply to rally support to show not only our school but other schools in the area that LGBT youth needs to be more widely accepted, and that people really do stand with us. This petition was in no way meant to harm or negatively affect the school, as we are proud to say that we go to Bundoora. Thank you to the various media outlets who have wrote about us and brought attention to our cause. Thank you to Ms Muscat and the team leaders at Bundoora for being supportive, welcoming and open. Thank you to Molly, one of our closest friends, for writing our petitions and helping us along the way. Most importantly, thank you to the community for standing with us. Your support has been overwhelming.


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