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Anti-Bullying Project

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Bullying has been increasing. In fact, unfortunately, it's starting to become a norm. Others even make it as an entertainment. While some see this as such, victims remain to suffer in silence. Suicides and isolation continue to rise caused by bullying. This is because bullying does not only hurt their physical state but it also destroys a person and his/her emotional, mental, and social aspect. Thus, the need for an immediate action arises. The Bullies Busters’ request is to approve our advocacies against bullying, this is to help the victims of bullying and also we can help the bullies by talking to their guardians and telling them to advice their son/daughter to not bully other people.

This action is just one among many projects. Nevertheless, another advocacy against bullying should be done, especially in the Philippines. Although a response from the ones in authority would take time, as victims know that they are people fighting for them, lives would be saved.

A survey that was recently conducted showed that one in two Filipino children have witnessed violence or abuse in their schools. It was also showed that students in the schools of Philippine’s witness the different types of bullying including name calling, teasing, exclusion, or forcing the victim to do things.

The Department of Education in the Philippines reported more than 1,700 cases of child abuse or bullying in schools for the years of 2013 and 2014. However, this number is decreasing. The decrease may be due to an order in 2012 known as DepEd Child Protection Policy. This states the policy and guidelines for the child protection in schools against abuse, exploitation, violence, discrimination, and bullying.

This purpose of this petition is/are:  to the private and public schools, including preschool to high school, for them to include in the curriculum of the students’ etiquette or “netiquette”; to the authorities of the private and public schools, including preschool to high school, for them to take part in the monitoring and protecting of the students against bullying.

We, the team will talk to the parents of the kids who get bullied, and also the parents of the bullies, to let them know and also to make a prevention. This is not just a movement, but this is also a mission for our team to stop the bullies, and to help the victims.  

By signing this petition, you agree to the following pledge:

I agree to treat others, as I would like to be treated. To the best of my abilities, I will exhibit honesty, integrity and thoughtfulness. If I see others who do not exhibit these traits, I will take action to help those who need to be helped.

We always say, “Prevention is better than cure!”
Feel free to contact us. We are glad to help!

“Life is a fight, but not everyone’s a fighter. Otherwise, bullies would be an endangered species.”

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