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Congratulate BULK BARN for taking the first step with the REUSABLE CONTAINER PROGRAM

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Hello there friends,

My name is Tiffany and I have been attempting to live plastic free for over 5 years.

Last year when I walked into my local Bulk Barn I found that there was a large sign proclaiming "no reusable bags". I found it to be completely appalling . Nearly EVERY piece of plastic made still exists in the world.

Every day customers at one of the "over 200 (Bulk Barn) stores" must use a disposable plastic bag or container when purchasing any of their bulk products, producing innumerable amounts of plastic waste.


As of September 23rd Bulk Barn has begun to test the POSSIBILITY of selling their lovely products in reusable containers!!!

More and more people are becoming aware of the negative consequences plastic has on our environment and our health 

Bulk Barn claimed that they were " ...committed to promoting environmental consciousness." they even previously outlined on their website the high environmental cost of plastic bags to encourage people to use their reusable shopping bag. (They have since changed their website so this link is no longer available. However, the headline photo is a screen shot from the original website.) I think it is great that Bulk Barn is joining the collective social shift happening in our world to become truly environmentally conscious.

Our lakes and oceans are being polluted with plastic debris. It is essential that we support  Canada's largest bulk food retailer to make this experiment successful.
I am asking you to please sign this petition to show your support, then to more importantly, share it via your social networks.

Let's let Bulk Barn know how much we appreciate their willingness to help people who want to reduce their environmental impact and offer a reusable option allowing people the choice to live life with less plastic, while enjoying the amazing assortment of products available at Bulk Barn.

If you are in the Toronto area, please make sure to drop by the Liberty Village location and show them how much this can work.

This is a unique opportunity for Bulk Barn to be a Canadian trail blazer, to allow every community near their stores access to hundreds of plastic free food options. Congratulate Bulk Barn for helping to liberate a portion of our Canada's largest city from single use plastic. 

Be part of a powerful movement forceful enough to bring reusable containers to a Bulk Barn near you.

Sign it, share it and let’s and support  Bulk Barn in its bid to do the right thing.

Thank you all for helping make this possible.



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