Coalition Women leaders@digital for Europe

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Our coalition will advocate and champion for:

  • Women role-models and leaders in technology to gain more visibility
  • Women at risk to be economically empowered via digital skills
  • Girls to be encouraged to engage with STEM disciplines and pursue a career in technology
  • Women-led (impact) ventures to get fair access to funding


  • Data from October 2016 show that women still account for less than one in four board mem- bers in the largest publicly listed companies registered in EU Member States. Indeed, there are only four countries — France, Italy, Finland and Sweden, — in which boards of large companies have at least 30% women.
  • EU political leadership - In November 2016, parliaments in Finland and Sweden included at least 40% of each gender, while in Bulgaria, Greece, Croatia, Cyprus, Latvia, Hungary, Malta and Romania women accounted for less than 20% of members. Countries like Greece and Hungary included no women at all.
  • Only 24 out of every 1000 women with higher education in the EU have completed ICT related courses, and only 6 of these 24 have digital professions.
  • Bulgaria ranks 1st for women IT specialists with 30%, compared to 16% on average for the European Union. Still, inequality between men and women in the digital sector remains high.
  • In 2016, female founders raised less than 2% of total VC funding despite having the same ROI as male-led venture.
  • The European economy loses 16.2 billion euro every year due to the dropout of women in the digital sector.

Short-term goals:

1. Create a single communication platform (probably on Slack) to enhance knowledge transfer and collaboration between coalition members;

2. Define one common measurable mission (a survey will be send out to all who expressed inter- est in the subject;

3. Ongoing mapping process supported by all members to engage more supporters throughout Europe and to reach a critical mass.


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