Build Dams, Save Pakistan!

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As you all know Pakistan is an agricultural country. Our economy is largely based on agricultural exports.  But due the negligence of our leaders, we didn't build any dam in last couple of decades. Out existing dams, Mangla and Tarbela are dying. Mos of water is going in Arabia sea unused. On the other hand India is building a lot of dams in Kashmir and diverting the course of Pakistan's water. Mangla is totally dried up! The situation is only going to get worse!  Studies show that Pakistan might run out of water by 2025. The only solution is to build dams as soon as possible and plant as many trees as we can. Otherwise we could face a situation like that of Capetown. We urge Government of Pakistan to start work on all pending dam projects on first priority.Please sign this petition, let's try to save the future of next generations. 

#BuildDams #SavePakistan