Save Thrift Farm - a vital community that helps so many people with additional needs

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Devastation has occurred today after a meeting to discuss the future of Thrift Farm! Consultation is underway and the paper will be made available on Friday 25th January 2019. The options as directed;

1. Do nothing (clearly not considered or why are we here)

2. Close the service (in full, no farm, no cafe but more Importantly no thought for our young people who live, breathe and sleep Thrift Farm.

3. Look for another provider to run it (not feeling they are running in droves for the prospect).

In 2018 a very elegant and eloquent man talked of his pride at the 40 years of the success of Thrift, at the positive changes, the amazing impact, the life changing opportunities presented, he praised the staff, the service and he looked forward to watching the Farm go from strength to strength over the next 40 years! This gentleman was the first Farm Manager some 40 years before, Bucks CC officials at the presentation let him speak and clapped his admiration and honesty.

Fast forward to Jan 2019 today parents, carers, grandparents and clients listened whilst a member of Bucks CC has delivered a blow which is quite frankly heartbreaking.

The lives of a young people with ASD, the constant battles to fight for their rights, for care, compassion and education for our more treasured possessions are out there in the public domain, how dare Bucks even think they can make such decisions or even consider them without understanding our young people, without meeting face to face. I am asking that every one who has ever had a positive experience at Thrift, or the families of those with additional needs, or just anyone who has the compassion to help others, please sign this petition.

Together we can fight this “consultation” and make Thrift a place back on the map, Care should never ever be about money, life is precious it’s not a cost.

Together people have power and we can make a change.