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End The EXOL/ARMY Fan War

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This fan war has gone too far. Why are we wasting our lives trying to tear each other down? Would EXO want you to go around bullying other fandom's? Would BTS want you to do that?

The answer is no.

So why are we still acting like children. Each fandom is in charge of keeping its hateful comments towards others in check. Those who don't participate but don't stop your fellow fandom members are just as bad. We all need to stop this stupidity and look at how bad we are making BOTH fandom's look. 

The groups that we support and love don't hate each other, in fact they are good friends! So why all the hatred? Even though exo an bts compete for awards they don't spread hate. So why do we? If exo or bts doesn't need to spread hate towards each other then we don't either.

Both fandom's need to get it together and start fixing the problems in their own fandom's and realize that by attacking someone with hateful words, your showing the world that your fandom is rude and vulgar. We need to swallow our pride and finally come together and except our differences and beliefs. Sure we may like different groups and support those groups with all our hearts, but we shouldn't let that get in the way of the two fandom's getting along.

By signing this petition you are saying that you want or are even willing to contribute to getting rid of the real problem which is anti fans that call themselves exol/army but treat everyone the opposite of exo/bts. By signing this your saying that you've also had enough with this fan war. I hope that both fandom's will have the maturity to do so.


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