buy an island for bts leader namjoon [aka NAMKANDA]

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  disclaimer: this is a joke lol. feel free to sign but pls dont donate money. Namjoon deserves an island. Did you know that Namjoon's blood, sweat, and tears went into making BTS so succesful? Yet, it is statistically shown that BTS endures a lot more hate than one would expect. Kim Namjoon works extremely hard yet he suffers fake love from certain fans because he does not look a certain way or he is not deemed as physically attractive as other members. NAMKANDA is we, as ARMYs, a way to say thank you to Bangtan and Kim Namjoon. Soon, we will raise an empire and create other islands for all the other Bangtan bois. With just 595k we can buy an island in Nicaragua, South America. That may seem to be an impossible task but together we can do it.