Approve 40% More GitEm Steve-Dave on Tell 'Em Steve-Dave

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In light of recent efforts to curtail the mic time of podcast personality GitEm Steve-Dave on the multi-award winning podcast Tell Em Steve-Dave by a small, well-meaning but sadly misguided segment of the show's listening audience, a counter-movement has begun that seeks to INCREASE GitEm's participation in the show.

Fact: GitEm is radio gold.  Well, maybe tin.  The point is he has the ability to be entertaining.

Fact: GitEm can be mildly annoying.  Ok, sometimes mediumly.  But who isn't?

Fact: Tell Em Steve-Dave benefits from his occasional participation and input during shows.  Therefore, if a little GitEm is good, MORE MUST BE BETTER RIGHT?

Fact: Using a site such as or any online petition system to force change upon a media enterprise is both ludicrous and insulting to people trying to actually make the world better through their own meaningless petitions.

With those clearly accurate and scientific conclusions we are asking that GitEm NOT be banned from the show, or have his speaking time artificially reduced.  Instead this petition aims to allow the hosts of Tell Em Steve-Dave to continue running their show HOWEVER THEY SEE FIT.

And if that means 40% more GitEm in every episode, well, who are we to stop that?


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