Demand Brunel University Ends its Association with Nupad, Now!

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Brunel University's affiliation with Nupad is hurting its students and this needs to stop!

Nupad frequently withholds large amounts of deposit from its students for unfair reasons

  • Trumped up charges for minor work
  • Using old inventory which are out of date and claiming money for the state/conditions which it was not in on arrival
  • Charged for work which is not completed 
  • Releasing deposit information late in order to obstruct student complaint procedures 
  • Ridiculous charges for easily resolved issues e.g. bin removal before bin waste day, light bulbs

Nupad does not resolve issues which can harm students e.g. rats, security breaches to property and mould

Brunel should not support, endorse and conduct business with a letting agents which does not take the welfare of its students in mind.

It should question Nupad on the frequency of which students make claims against Nupad and the success rates of these claims.

Brunel should do more to protect students against letting agent like Nupad.