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Remove Gary Barta & Restore Equality Within the University of Iowa Athletics Department!

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July 14, 2017
President Harreld,
Foremost, understand that we have taken every respectful path and followed every chain of command and custom to register outrage and achieve progress per a subject we consider vital to the integrity of the University of Iowa. To no avail.  As close associates of the University of Iowa and the Iowa City community, we express solidarity and commitment in our missions to: a) expose workplace discrimination, particularly subtle forms that are easily hidden/difficult to expose, and particularly those that thrive in the UI Athletic department, b) achieve justice for those irreparably harmed by the actions and failure to act by Athletic Director Gary Barta, and c) protect future generations from similar violation.

We have witnessed and suffered directly from the subtle but deliberate methods employed specifically by Mr. Barta to discriminate and manipulate UI policy to serve his personal agenda.  We know that as threats to expose his own discriminatory practices and double standards for men and women in his department escalated during the summer of 2014, Mr. Barta methodically manipulated UI policy and procedure, falsified an EOD/HR directed investigation into the field hockey program, and then deliberately covered it up.  We know that he engaged the support of other UI leaders in HR, EOD, UI attorney, and the President herself, to cover up and to save himself from being exposed or investigated.  We know how he did it, at whose expense, who and how it ruined and crippled.  We know directly of Mr. Barta's actions as lying, as discrimination, and as corruption.  We know Mr. Barta's entire drill as the antithesis of honesty, the antithesis of integrity, the antithesis of “doing the right thing”.  

We are just as keenly aware of this:  

Gary Barta suffered NO consequences resulting from his lies on the witness stand, his deliberate manipulation of UI policy, his behavior to cover up, his corruption, or his false portrayals.  For him to float free with a $4.4 million dollar contract is incomprehensible.
You are just as complicit.  If Gary Barta was a woman, he would have been fired, long ago.
To universally portray the University of Iowa, and especially the UI Athletic department, as a place led by persons of integrity, with student welfare as their highest mission, is a fallacy.  It is a lie.

You have made a public commitment to investigate employment practices at the UI, beginning with the Athletic department.  If your commitment is for real, that is, if you determine to know what has actually occurred under Gary Barta’s watch in the Athletic department, how and to what extent UI students as well as loyal, exemplary professionals have been wronged and harmed by discrimination and corruption at the University of Iowa, and are truly committed to substantive change and improvement, we believe that you will:

Direct the investigatory firm to examine all of the evidence and all of the testimony presented in the 2017 Jane Meyer trial, now all publicly available.
Direct the investigatory firm to interview all persons, including all UI student-athletes and staff members who participated or worked in the Athletic department, who actually experienced what happened there and were affected by it, who agree/volunteer to submit their personal experience.
Direct the investigatory firm to invite input from the Meyer and Griesbaum legal team (Newkirk and Zwagerman) by interview and by examining their findings after exhaustive investigation into UI practices and preparation for trial.  Their knowledge and their evidence are of incalculable value if you want to establish the real facts and the full truth.

Is your pledge to investigate employment practices and discrimination at the University of Iowa just a smokescreen, a ruse for the public?  If so, then what a waste of precious human resources and taxpayer money.  And what a lie.  

You as UI President have the opportunity to really do the right thing.  You have the opportunity to restore the honorable legacies of integrity and equality for all, and equal opportunity for women, that have been so painstakingly established on our very campus. We fully support you in doing right by this great institution that we all revere, the University of Iowa.  The time to begin is now.


2017 Community for Integrity and Justice at the University of Iowa 

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