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Answer Sarah Dingle's Questions About the Paedophilia Scandal in the Salvation Army, Bruce Harmer!

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As anyone who's been following the news in recent times would know, the Salvation Army has been shown to be wanting in its handling of child sexual abuse by its members, past and present. 

To say the very least.

Recently, Australians showed the depth of their anger at the Salvation Army. The organisation received less than HALF of its expected donations in the 2014 Red Shield Appeal doorknock appeal.

Australians sent a VERY blunt message to the Salvation Army by donating to organisations that DESERVE their trust, not organisations that DEMAND their trust without doing anything to earn it. 

You'd think the Salvation Army would have taken this as a wake up call.

Incredibly, it didn't. 

Despite serious allegations of coverups, moving abusers around, terrible treatment of victims, and more, it has failed to initiate real change. 

I think it STILL puts its members and its reputation ahead of its victims and concerned members of society.  

This is best shown by its extraordinary arrogance of Salvation Army Australia PR head, 'Major' Bruce Harmer, in refusing to answer important questions posed by ABC Radio investigative journalist, Sarah Dingle, in her excellent expose on the Salvation Army here:

Sarah asked questions that we ALL want answers to.

Questions such as:

"What does the Salvation Army say to claims that it has sheltered paedophiles from prosecution?"

Sarah didn't get the answers she and Australians deserve. 

Instead, the Salvation Army responded in typically arrogant style, with a bland, meaningless statement about how: "The Salvation Army is a child safe organisation and treats the safety of children and the vulnerable as our highest priority."

NO, Bruce! This sort of glib response doesn't work any more.

Actually, we DON'T believe you, Bruce, and we don't like being taken for fools. 

We want ANSWERS, Bruce, not more Salvo SPIN. 

  • It's time for the Salvation Army to start engaging with its critics and the Australian community.
  • It's time for the Salvation Army to stop treating Australian society with contempt by ignoring requests for information about serious allegations about coverups of child abuse.
  • We need to DEMAND that Bruce Harmer and the Salvation Army answer Sarah's questions. 

Please sign this petition and circulate it around your networks.

If you're promoting on Twitter, please use the hashtag #WhiteShieldAppeal 

Let's force the Salvation Army to wake up and understand that we want answers to Sarah's questions, and we want them NOW.

Aletha Blayse (White Shield Appeal: Defense Against Darkness in the Salvation Army)


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