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NO to H M O/ emergency housing at number 22 Tudor Avenue. En75au.

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 I want everyone in the local community to be aware of what  number 22 Tudor Avenue has been converted into. This end of terrace property has recently has a loft and back extention done. The intention of the owner was unclear and the builder's very secretive. By chance I asked one of the labourers if i could have a look around the property which he agreed to. This property was bought registered to a company address.

What I saw confirmed my suspicions. The property has been split into 6 rooms. All with numbered doors.  A notice board provides the details of the managing agent, alongside emergency contact details for local police and hospital services. It also states the property will be regularly inspected by a appointed housing officer. A quick Google search and I find that these managing agents use property's for temporary and emergency accommodation. Specificly people with social needs, behavioral issues. Substance misuse, Asylum seekers, 16-18 year olds. Women pregnant or with children under the age of 2 who are homeless or risk of homelessness,etc. They provide nightly, temporary and emergency accommodation. All of the above stated on the managing agents website.  

This HMO denies a family a permanent residence. It will affect my family greatly but also the wider community. It's inevitable that crime levels will go up.  Also meaning a possible drop in house prices. The local community is a very friendly and family orientated area. This will change that. We will no longer feel safe in our community. We want our elderly to continue to feel safe as we do our children.

I think it's completely unexceptable and unethical that Broxbourne council has failed to notify the local residents of such a drastic change in our community. If as a community we do not unite and show resistance then we could have one of these on every street corner. There are already 11 in the local area, that we know of.  Councils such as Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City have caps on the amount of local HMO's allowed. Broxbourne council should consider doing the same.  This HMO will cause disruption to the locals as well as noise and anti social behaviour. Parking will also become an issue. There are no local amenities and public transport is an issue, so a HMO of this sort is completely in the wrong place as this is a quiet residential area. 

Please sign today and show your support. Show the local authority that we will NOT allow for our clean and calm community to decline and become an estate. 

Please take the time to write to Broxbourne council with your concerns.

Please write to our local MP,  Charles Walker OBE MP.  

Charles Walker OBE MP, House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

I thankyou in advance for your support. 

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