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Do More Buses In Cheshunt, Hertfordshire Area!

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Hello everyone I'm 19 and I live in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire in the UK and I moved from Edmonton about a year ago. I like a lot of other people can't drive and don't have a car of my own so I do rely on public transport if it's too far to walk-which means basically anywhere outside Cheshunt! It's such a beautiful and peaceful area full of friendly and kind locals. But I noticed that the public transport in my opinion is very infrequent and poor. Then again I'm from London where you don't even have to plan your journey just go out and stand at the bus stop and there's a bus every 2 mins! but I've lived in even North Wales and even there the transport I found, was better! There's like a Bus about every hour on weekdays and every 2 hours on Sunday. And that might seem like a lot but if you think about someone who relies on public transport and goes to work every morning you have to catch that 1 bus otherwise you'll be like 3 hours late! And Sunday it's run by Trustybus not Arriva and there is virtually like NO buses! Even my mother told me the other day like damn I wish we hadn't left London. But I disagreed with her cos I otherwise love the area! Now I know the reason for this is that most people in this area don't need buses and have cars so there's no demand. But the people for whom in Cheshunt that's not an option - they really suffer. And another thing is I feel that compared to other places nearby outside Hertfordshire gave a rule of about a bus every half an hour or so regardless of demand. So this is really below average and the acceptable standard in Cheshunt in my opinion. I would like for there to be a Bus atleast every half an hour or 20 mins please. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way and there are other People like me in Cheshunt who feel the same. But I always think it's important to suggest ideas to keep improving the community and make positive changes if you're not happy about something. I can't do this on my own and we need to get together and show them that a lot of people do care about this. So please sign of you agree, especially people from Hertfordshire please wpuld be appreciated. Thank you so much for your time and and have a great day.

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