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We Demand An Apology from Viking for Malcolm X Book

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We hereby demand a public apology from Viking, the publisher of Manning Marable’s book, Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention, and from Zaheer Ali, the chief spokesman for the book, for publishing material they knew or should have known were lies about Malcolm X, the American black activist who was assassinated in Harlem on February 21, 1965.

   As a result of a recent investigation by author Karl Evanzz, two defamatory allegations in Marable’s book have been exposed as outright lies, to wit:



That Malcolm X, the married father of six children, was romantically involved with 18-year-old Sharon 6X Shabazz (Poole) at the time of his death and
That Malcolm X was involved in a homosexual relationship with a middle-aged white man in the late 1944.


    Both allegations would have been grounds for libel action had Malcolm X been alive. Marable made the allegations knowing that Sharon Shabazz was too ill to take legal action (she once underwent radical brain surgery which affected her aptitude and overall health). According to several people close to Shabazz, the allegations made by Marable affected her deeply and likely contributed to her death in 2013, two years after the book was published in 2011.

  (b) Marable was advised a year before his book was published that the allegations regarding Malcolm X and Shabazz were wholly false, but chose to publish them anyway. Marable initially had planned to accuse Malcolm X of fathering a child by Shabazz, but altered his allegations after Evanzz produced evidence that Benjamin Karim, a chief assistant to Malcolm X, was the actual father of the child, born fourteen months after Malcolm X was murdered.


  II. In his autobiography, Malcolm X stated that an associate referred to as “Rudy” had a homosexual relationship with a middle-aged white man. In 1991, Rudy was positively identified as Francis E. Brown and the white man was identified as William Paul Lennon, both of Boston.

   Despite having Brown’s name, Marable and others associated with his book failed to use due diligence and obtain the prison file on Brown. Marable, in callous disregard for the truth, labeled Malcolm X’s account of Rudy a lie and alleged that Rudy was, in fact, a pseudonym for Malcolm X.

   A recent investigation by Evanzz corroborates Malcolm X’s account. As such, Marable knew or should have known Malcolm X spoke truthfully. Marable’s allegation is a gross affront to Malcolm X’s legacy and to his daughters, on whose behalf we demand an apology from Viking and Zaheer Ali, both of whom have profited unjustly from the atrocious falsehoods.

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